Making Good Coffee at Home


Some brewing tips from AtomicAtomic cups


Some of the best coffee around is made not in the café, but in the kitchen at home.


Like great coffee anywhere, it is freshly roasted, freshly ground, and crucially it’s made with care and attention to the little details that count.

To achieve good coffee at home is actually pretty simple. With just a little effort, you can enjoy huge rewards. What trips most people up is lack of information about which little details to obsess over.

Improve your home coffee – some basic steps, and some pitfalls to avoid.  

Get a grinder. This is the biggest single quality breakthrough you can make. Of course you can buy ground coffee but by the time you get around to brewing it, most of the subtle qualities that make coffee wonderful will be long gone.

Buy locally roasted beans (to know they are really fresh, look for a roast date) and grind them just before brewing. Grind to a degree of fineness that suits your brewing method – fine for an espresso machine, a bit less fine for stovetop and plunger – trial and error is the best way to figure out exactly the right grind, and for espresso it changes depending on the weather!

Pick a brewing method, and nail it. The somewhat forgotten Plunger makes great coffee. The Stovetop makes a more intense thicker brew, but can be tricky to perfect. And then there is Espresso, hardest of all to make well consistently, but very nice when you get it right. Settle on one and stick with it until you have it nailed.