Tasting Notes from Our New Summer Menu


Tasting Notes from the New Summer 12-13 Menu

These are Tasting Notes from our staff meeting last night.


Lots of little things you might like to know about the new menu.

  • Sourdough is the wholemeal bread option and can also be ordered as a side
  • Wheat and gluten free bread is available on request
  • The Lamb Borek is a tasty Middle Eastern dish of herb and citrus flavoured mince wrapped in filo. It’s not too heavy and has lots of flavour
  • The Creamy Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Capers are just that – oh so creamy, with lovely big chunks of smoked salmon
  • The Mussel Fritters are a light fritter filled with lots of chopped mussels (not minced)
  • They are served with a Walnut Tarator – a thick bread-based sauce with a delicate bite in the after-taste
  • The Mushroom, Thyme and Haloumi on Toast is a super tasty dish; the mushrooms are sweet-savoury all at once and served with crispy haloumi
  • The Mango, Banana and Coconut Loaves are wheat, gluten and dairy free and are made without eggs – a good alternative for vegans
  • The Carrot, Date and Pecan Bars and the biscotti are also dairy free. Some days there are dairy free muffins and occasionally there is a dairy free Cake of the Day
  • The Bread Plate and the Raw Energy Salad are also suitable for vegans
  • There will be updated Allergy Sheets with full menu descriptions available from late next week – ask your waitperson
  • We are committed to looking after people with food allergies and sensitivities