About Us


Morri Street Café sits proudly in a character, historic-rated building on Hardy Street in central Nelson.

Right in the retail heart of town, Morri Street Cafe provides customers (who are also our friends and our guests) with the best food and coffee we know of, in a sophisticated super-friendly setting.

“Food is creative.  It arouses the senses, its taste, smell, feel in the mouth, how it looks. The design of a menu is also a creative process, ensuring that a meal is colourful, looks and tastes good.

A café can be a third place, a home away from home somewhere to relax, enjoy company or even solitude, a place to escape to or to celebrate at.

Art fits so well with this.  It is great to have art in a place of energy rather than a silent place of contemplation.”

Kay Field, Owner of Morri Street Cafe



Our Mission Statement:

NZ’s premier café, providing fresh food and superb beverages in a discerning and stylish setting