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Geisen Wines Art

Morri Street Cafe Gallery

Recent Exhibition  –  Juliana Trolove


Juliana Trolove 1

Trained in graphic design and metalwork Juliana, many moons ago, graduated from CPIT. Having moved to the beautiful Metropolis of Nelson she is rediscovering art, especially painting.

When she reaches 10,000 hours she will be able to say she is a painter of things and ideas. But until then she is on a journey of learning and seeing, to try and represent her idea of what is there.

Developing a personal style is frustrating and terrifying, somewhat all consuming, but ultimately it is fun!!

Local art has always been an important element of the cafe and, once again, we will give local artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a public place to people from all walks of life. We strongly believe that art needs to be made more accessible for the wider public by displaying art works in a cafe.

At Giesen Winery art is also important to the Giesen brothers, so when we approached them to sponsor the gallery it was an easy ‘yes’. We will continue displaying a huge variety of art and many of the artworks will be for sale. Each exhibition will run for approximately four weeks.

 Upcoming Artists and Exhibitions

4th June-1st July                                   Pam McCorkindale

2nd July – 5th Aug                                Francie Heathfield

6th August- 2nd Sept                            Sirpa Art  (Eva away for the opening and most of August)

3rd Sep-30th Sep                                  Nina Wainman

1st Oct – 4th Nov                                    Nelson Camera Club

5th Nov- 2nd Dec                                  Steve Bellamy

3rd Dec- 6th Jan                                   Claire Bywater

January                                                   available

February                                                 Linda Hannan

March                                                      Bonnie Coad