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Geisen Wines Art


Morri Street Café and Giesen Wines are proud to present

Sarah Campbell & Bryre Arnott

8th April – 5th May

Sarah Campbell has a dipCAPS in multimedia design – working for years on computer based art she feels she has found her niche with abstract art.

Living in Riwaka, Sarah has immersed herself in art. Sarah draws inspiration from such things as the clouds in the sky, the beach, water, fabrics, nature and the way light and shadow plays on objects. Sarah works with resin and alcohol inks as her main medium, tattoo inks, liquid acrylics, metal powders, alcohol inks, mica and she loves experimenting to create effects and textural elements.

Round and geometric canvases provide a beautiful frame to some of these artworks, and the gloss resin finish intensifies the depth of the colours and textures. Sarah’s experimentation has diversified into home décor artwork such as cheeseboards and tables. Sarah is lucky enough to work full time as an artist exhibiting in various cafes, selling at the Nelson Market and Craft Markets and doing commission works.


Bryre Arnott, photographic images, Riwaka :

“A move from the city to a more rural setting in Riwaka, has sparked a deeper appreciation of the natural environment and an obsession with photography. An interest in optics, human perception, especially the eye and visual system and how it  constructs our spatial reality, are all influences here. How we appreciate our natural environment with our visual sense is a mysterious loop.

This stuff of life….it’s magical, isn’t it? This everyday experience…  there is something inexplicably amazing about this whole intricate business… ”



 Upcoming Artists and Exhibitions


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3rd Jun – 30th Jun : Akiko and Tim Crowther (Japanese calligraphy)