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Morri Street Café and Giesen Wines are proud to present

Claire Bywater

3rd December – 6th January

Claire Bywater 1


I was brought up in South Devon, England and after two careers, two children and a move to New Zealand in 1994; I’m a late starter to being a full-time painter.

Advice to a new writer is often, “write about what you know”. As a teacher of drawing to architecture and interior design students, I found myself leaning towards those subjects when I started painting. I had come to love buildings, both inside and out. I love the architectural details, reflections, textures, colours. As a curious person, I like seeing into windows or imagining what might be there.

To me, life is made up of the stories we gather and retell. The stories of buildings are really the stories of people. Each piece of work here has its tale to tell and I hope might evoke some memories for you too.

I am excited to share some paintings with you in this lovely space.  Yet buying original paintings is not going to be in everyone’s budget. This is why I get each of them scanned and make cards and prints of all pictures. Please ask staff if you see something you like, as there are prints available.

Claire Bywater


Claire Bywater 2


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