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Morri Street Café and Giesen Wines are proud to present

Nelson National Triptych Salon

1st – 21st October


Nelson National Triptych


Top Triptychs in Nelson

Photographers from as far North as Auckland and as far South as Dunedin have entered this year’s Nelson National Triptych Salon. Just in case you are wondering, in this instance a triptych is a presentation made up of three (and only three) distinctly separated photographic images displayed on a common background. According to the salon’s organising team leader, Don Pittham, the key to constructing a successful triptych is the ability to bring together three images that, linked by design or narrative, produce a composite whole with more impact than the sum of the three individual pictures.

The initiators and organisers of the competition, Nelson Camera Club, received over three hundred triptychs and we are thrilled to exhibit the seventeen top triptych prints.


Nelson national Triptych2
“Keep your Eyes Peeled” by Kathy Richards


Nelson National Triptych3
“Reykjavik Abstract” by William Wright


Nelson National triptych4
The award for the Champion Triptych Print went to local Nelson photographer Irene Callaghan. A weekend break in Wellington proved the ideal opportunity for Irene to capture the ambiance of the capital in a collection of photographic images. When combined in an impressionistic style these formed the basis of her winning entry called “The whole city seemed like a theatre”.


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