Local Art

Geisen Wines Art

Morri Street Cafe Gallery


Local art has always been an important element of the cafe and, once again, we will give local artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a public place to people from all walks of life. We strongly believe that art needs to be made more accessible for the wider public by displaying art works in a cafe.

At Giesen Winery art is also important to the Giesen brothers, so when we approached them to sponsor the gallery it was an easy ‘yes’. We will continue displaying a huge variety of art and many of the artworks will be for sale. Each exhibition will run for approximately four weeks.

 Upcoming Artists and Exhibitions

2 April – 6 May                Helena Morris and Sally Reynolds (see below)

7 May – 3 June                Juliana Trolove

4 Jun – 1 July                   available

2 Jul – 5 Aug                    available

6 Aug – 2 Sept                Helena Morris

3 – 30 Sept                       Nina Wainman

1 Oct – 4 Nov                   Nelson Camera Club

5 Nov – 2 Dec                   Steve Bellamy


Current Exhibition

Helena Morris and Sally Reynolds

Helena Morris and Sally Reynolds paint intuitive, abstract artworks, building up layers of texture and depth. Both artists work intuitively on their pieces; what they know and feel about their practice comes from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Helena Morris

Helena works with Encaustic, a fluid painting medium of melted beeswax and resin. Heat is used to fuse each layer to the one laid down before it. Helena finds inspiration from her garden, the environment and thoughts and feelings that are constantly in her head. She is passionate about the process, which is where the real prize is for this artist.


Sally Reynolds

Sally finds inspiration in everyday places; the coast, plains, views of mountains and hills. Her paintings are based on memories of these places and her passion for the preservation of our natural environment. Using a variety of media, Sally tries not to influence the painting, and lets it evolve on its own.

This inspiring exhibition runs 2 April – 6 May