Christmas Breakfasts and Functions

We are still taking bookings for staff and corporate Christmas breakfasts and events here at Morri Street Cafe. We have the ideal spot for your business Christmas function, right in the heart of Nelson city. We can have your table ready for 7.30am, and with your orders emailed through a day…

Split Pea and Potato Cakes

There is a lovely mix of ingredients in these vegetarian patties. Suffused with the flavours of India and served with yoghurt and a mango chutney they make a really refreshing summer meal. These delicious split pea and potato cakes are also wheat, gluten and dairy free [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:54] (C)  Morrison Street…

Orange Sauce for Wholemeal Pancakes

This delicious orange sauce, drizzled over wholemeal pancakes, was very popular on our winter menu. Add strawberries, berries or a compote of your choice to go with it. Here's the recipe for our Morrison Street Cafe Wholemeal Pancakes. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:52]  (C)  Morrison Street Cafe 2014


Over time we have used this tasty cornbread with our Morrison Street Cafe breakfasts. It is also very useful as a side dish or added to a picnic lunch. The recipe is also included in our Morrison Street Cafe Cookbook & Food Diary [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:42]   (C)  Morrison Street cafe  2014

Savoury Mince

This tasty breakfast dish (it could be lunch or a light evening meal as well) is a great stand-by if you've got extra people in the house over Christmas. Like any mince dish the finished product will depend on the quality of mince used. The recipe serves 4 - 6…