Food Allergies

New Potato & Egg Salad




Many of the dishes on our menu are suitable for those with food allergies – especially wheat, gluten and dairy intolerances.

We also cater well for vegetarians, with a number of dishes having a vegetarian option.




Dishes are marked on the menu with their suitability to various ways of eating. There are also Menu Allergy Sheets held at the counter which detail the ingredients in every dish. Ask your waitperson if you wish to see these. And if you still have concerns after that, or wish the chef to be aware of your specific dietary requirements then let your waitperson know and they will discuss this with the chef as well.

We want you to enjoy your dining experience here and will make every effort to see your needs are met. However, we are unable to guarantee that we can answer every request. Nor can we guarantee that a dish will be 100% free of allergens as we have a busy kitchen where many dishes are being prepared in the same space, at the same time.