Food Allergies and Sensitivities


Many of the dishes on our menu are suitable for those with food allergies and sensitivities – especially wheat, gluten and dairy intolerances. We also cater well for vegetarians, with a number of dishes having a vegetarian option.

Dishes are marked on the menu with their suitability to various dietary preferences. Menu Allergy Sheets are held at the counter,  detailing the ingredients in every dish. Ask your waitperson if you want to see these. And if you still have concerns after that, or wish the chef to be aware of your specific dietary requirements, then let your waitperson know and they will discuss this with the chef as well.

We want you to enjoy your dining experience here and will make every effort to see your needs are met. However, we are unable to guarantee that we can answer every request. Nor can we guarantee that a dish will be 100% free of allergens as we have a busy kitchen where many dishes are being prepared in the same space, at the same time. We are, however, a peanut free zone.

Some comments by appreciative customers –

  • I came in on Friday to your cafe with my wife. I am usually limited to ordering just coffee as my dietary requirements don’t often allow for menu items. My waitress, when I explained my problem, came to my table armed with information sheets, she was very patient in working through the options and much to my amazement gave me a range of options that catered to my needs …
  • Love the GF/DF options. Best GF choc cake in the world. Keep the rooibus tea. Thanks for not skimping on milk
  • I visited your cafe last week and had the Healthy Muesli Bar that is Dairy free and it tasted simply amazing. Just wondering if by any chance you give out the recipe as I would love to make it …
  • We are both allergy sufferers. Our waiter was very attentive to ensure we were getting the right food. The Allergy lists are great. Will recommend to friends
  • Thanks for amazing food. Being DF is difficult but you made it easy
  • Amazing vegan potato & mushroom hash, awesome service, great atmosphere. Loved the relish and the coffee
  • Excellent attention to allergy sufferers. The most comfortable and tasty meal I’ve had in ages. Thank you for making me feel normal today 
  • Wonderful service. I have lots of allergies & the waitress made a great effort to help. Her recommendation (salad) was phenomenal