Our Coffee

We use Atomic’s Fairtrade coffee here at Morri Street. Our blend of choice is Veloce, a Brazil based espresso blend that pours like velvet. ¬†It’s rich, sweet and complex with bittersweet chocolate, cinnamon spice and a lingering¬†aftertaste. And it’s great with or without milk, whatever your preference.

Our baristas receive ongoing training to ensure your coffee is as good as we can get it. And our coffee machine is constantly being tweaked and nurtured to ensure the best result.

Our coffee menu includes short and long blacks, ristretto, macchiato, piccolo, americano, flat white, latte, cappuccino, mochaccino and mocha latte. These are also available as decaf, and we offer whole milk, trim, soy and almond milk.

We also have Chemex carafes for those who prefer a filter style of coffee. We use a single origin coffee in these. The carafes, pouring kettles and filters are all for sale from our retail shelf. You can also purchase 250gm bags of Veloce, either as beans or ground to your liking.

And if you’re really not in to coffee we also have caffeine-free grain coffee made with roasted chicory, barley, rye and beet which we serve as a latte style drink with steamed milk.