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Split Pea, Corn & Kumara Soup

    Carrying on the winter-warming theme this soup is ideal to serve for lunch or an evening meal on a cold day. Serve it in front of the fire with hot crusty bread, which is also perfect for cleaning the plate with afterwards. This soup is one of our Soup of the Day offerings […]

Chicken & Cashew Nut Bites

These yummy Thai-style bites comeon the menu from time to time. They are wheat, gluten and dairy free and are medium-spiced; we serve them with a coconut-lime dipping sauce.   500 gm skinless chicken breast – cut in small pieces 200 gm roasted cashew nuts 2 cm grated fresh ginger 3 spring onions – chopped roughly […]

Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup

Here’s a lovely warming meal for those cold evenings. It serves eight people and is wheat, gluten and dairy free.   1/4 medium pumpkin – peeled, deseeded 2 medium kumara – peeled 2 large carrots, peeled 2 medium parsnips, peeled Cut all the above into 5cm chunks 2 medium red onions – peeled, diced roughly 5 […]

Potato, Spinach & Feta Fritters

  These potato and spinach fritters were so popular when they were on the menu we’re adding the recipe so you can enjoy them at home. Remember, they’re wheat and gluten free and are great served with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, eggs or a few salad leaves. Recipe serves 4.   160gm blanched fresh or frozen spinach […]

Chicken, Ginger & Lemongrass Salad

  Carrying on the Asian theme, this refreshing salad is a nice option for a sunny winter’s day. It’s wheat, gluten and dairy free and is highlighted with piquant Thai flavours like lemongrass, chilli, coriander, mint and lime juice. This recipe feeds 4 – 5 people.   2 cups cooked chicken – shredded 2 red chillis – […]

Baghdad Eggs

  This recipe was on our summer menu and it always drew great comments. Combining cumin, coriander, lemon and mint with lentils and eggs, there’s a lovely mix of flavours. It’s a vegetarian dish that’s suitable for breakfast or lunch, or even a light evening meal. This recipe serves 4.   300gm puy or brown […]

Pumpkin, Burghal Wheat & Rosemary Soup

  Here’s one of the soups we’ll be featuring over winter as a Soup of the Day. It’s dairy-free and serves 4 and has plenty of warming spices for those winter days. Make it for an easy lunch or light dinner, served with thick crusty warm bread.   1 medium white onion – finely diced […]


    It’s always handy to have a few staples in the fridge and this hummus is no exception. Great as a dip or a spread, in dressings or added to increase the protein in vegetarian dishes, it’s a very versatile food. And it keeps well.   1 can (420gm) chickpeas 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tbsp cumin […]

Chicken, Parmesan and Ginger Bites

  These mouth-watering morsels are great served as a nibble or with a mesclun salad and relish or chutney. They are wheat and gluten free and the recipe makes around 25 little bites.   900gm chicken mince 75gm W&G-free breadcrumbs 75gm grated parmesan cheese 6 spring onions 3 eggs, beaten 3 tbsp fresh ginger 5 […]