Morri Street Cafe Menu

(light breakfast)

Served until 3pm
Muesli $10.99
Our own muesli with nuts, dried fruit and popped corn, layered with natural yoghurt and a berry compote; served with the milk of your choice* WF
Extra option: With coghurt VV (+$2)
Bircher Muesli $11.99
Oats soaked in coconut milk and acai powder, sweetened with maple syrup and coghurt and topped with seasonal fruits and toasted almonds
Fresh Fruit Salad $10.99
Fresh seasonal fruit topped with toasted nuts and chia seeds; served with yoghurt and a kaffir lime, mint and lemongrass syrup W&GF
VV option with coghurt (+$2)
Toasted Bagel $13.99
Served with two of the following options:
3rd and 4th options (+$3 each)
Cream cheese | Capsicum & cashew nut pesto * | Avocado | Beetroot hummus
Tomato salsa | Raspberry Jam
With bacon (+$3)
With house-smoked salmon (+$5)
VV with some toppings
*Our milk options include whole milk, trim, soya and almond

(cooked breakfast)

Served until 3pm
Nasi Lemak $10.99
Coconut rice topped with dried anchovies, roasted cashews and a poached egg; served with a spicy chilli sambal W,G&DF
Moroccan Spiced Eggs $11.99
Spiced tomato sauce topped with fried eggs and coriander, served on ciabatta with minted yoghurt V
Bacon & Eggs $18.99
Served with your choice of Morri Street whole-grain sourdough, wheat-free bread or ciabatta;
served with spinach pesto and hollandaise on the side
2 x breakfast sausages W&GF (+$3.99)
Wilted greens (+$4.99)
House-smoked salmon (+$6.99)
Pancakes with Berry Compote $16.99
Our wholemeal pancakes served with a berry compote and maple syrup
Extra options:
Cacao nibs and cream, coghurt or yoghurt (+$2)
Gluten-free option available W&GF
Breakfast Burrito $17.99
With sweet corn, black beans, mushrooms, spinach and quinoa; served with salsa picada
and drizzled with Morri Street chilli oil VV
W&GF option: with a gluten free burrito (+$2)
Option: with sour cream and cheese (+$2)
Eggs Benedict on an English Muffin $16.99
Wilted spinach, poached free-range eggs and hollandaise on an English muffin
With baked whole portabello mushroom V $18.20
With local bacon $18.70
With house-smoked salmon $19.90

(salad bowls)

Served until 3pm
Salmon & Rice Bowl $18.99
Thinly sliced premium salmon served with brown rice, avocado and edamame beans, topped with tamari and ginger dressing; sprinkled with nori WG&DF
Vegan Bowl $16.99
Crunchy oven-baked chickpeas on a bed of roasted root vegetables with grated carrot, salad greens, beetroot hummus and a creamy tahini dressing WG&DF, VV
Italian Bowl $16.99
Quinoa, capers, sun-dried tomato with pesto, olives, feta, tomatoes, red onion and basil


Served until 2.30pm
Mount Cook Alpine Salmon- house smoked $7.80
Wakefield bacon – 2 slices $4.99
Wakefield gluten free sausages W&GF $4.99
Willow Creek free range eggs – poached, fried, scrambled $4.10
Kimchi $2.99
Sauteed button mushrooms $4.99
Wilted greens $4.99


Served 11am to 2.30pm
Socca Chickpea Pizza Pancake $16.99
A light, gluten free pizza pancake base topped with oven-dried tomato, greens, olives, feta and spinach pesto W&GF
BLAT Sandwich $13.99
Ciabatta filled with rindless bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and mayonnaise* DF
Pad Thai $16.99
Rice noodles tossed with carrot, tofu, spring onion, mung bean sprouts, cashews and a tamarind, soya and garlic sauce WG&DF, V
Option: with chicken (no tofu) (+$2.99)
Corn and Tofu Fritters $16.99
Tasty corn and tofu fritters with turmeric and kaffir lime, served with Asian salad greens and a
side of kimchi
Pulled Pork Sandwich $18.99
Pork marinated in a spicy South carolina dry rub; served in Morri Street’s grainy sourdough with a hot barbecue sauce
Chicken Satay with Cashew Sauce $18.99
Grilled chicken marinated in aromatic Thai herbs and spices; served with rice, pickled vegetables and a home-made cashew satay sauce
Option: no rice, served with a green salad

(daily baking)

Blueberry Buttermilk Scone $2.99
Pumpkin and Cheese Scone $2.99
Wheat & Gluten Free Scones
Date or cheese $3.50
Daily Baking Feature $3.50
Each day we feature a special baking item
Ask your waitperson for today’s delicious choice

Please let us know if you do not require butter with your baking
Olivani is available for dairy-free customers

(sweet treats)

Cake of the Day $4.99
Always something delicious
Ginger Crunch $3.99
Wheat free oaty ginger slice topped with sweet icing WF
Raspberry and Coconut Friands $4.20
Our favourite sweet friands with raspberry and coconut W&GF
Energy Bites $2.99
Date, almond and chocolate bite-sized balls, flavoured with coffee and coated with coconut
thread GF
Double Chocolate and Almond Brownie $3.99
A rich dark and white chocolate brownie filled with chopped almonds W&GF
Afghans $3.99
A new gluten free twist on an old favourite W&GF
Lemon Slice $3.50
Tangy citrus topping over a buttery shortbread base
Caramelised Oat Slice $3.99
A sweet shortbread base covered in creamy caramel and topped with an oaty crumble

(Children’s Menu)

All $8.00
Morri Street Pancakes
Mini pancakes served with banana and maple syrup
Gluten free option available W&GF
Kid’s Bagel
Choose two of the following options:
Cream Cheese | Hummus | Pesto | Raspberry Jam V
Fruit Salad
Fresh seasonal fruit topped with toasted nuts and served with yoghurt
Chicken Satay with Cashew Sauce
Grilled marinated chicken skewers served with rice and a home-made cashew satay sauce on the side W&GF