Review of Sky Café in Skycity Casino Auckland

Skycity Auckland is a large casino and entertainment center offering an extensive array of activities for its visitors.

Skycity Auckland is a large casino and entertainment center offering an extensive array of activities for its visitors. From bars and restuarants, over accommodations, to slots and table games, everyone can find something to enjoy inside the complex.

Sky Café is one of the best-known venues found inside Skycity. Those looking to take a break after a long day in the city will find everything they need to relax and enjoy a good conversation with friends coupled with quality food and beverages.

Unique New Zealand Experience

Located 50 stores above the ground, Sky Café provides a real New Zealand experience with iconic domestic foods you’ll get to enjoy in a unique and memorable setting. As you share a glass of wine with your friend or cooling of eating a tasty ice-cream, you’ll experience a stunning view of the city as well as the venue is located at the height of 182 meters.

For locals and visitors alike, Sky Café is also available for different functions such as weddings, engagement parties, and much more. You’ll need to phone well ahead of time, though, as the demand is big.

With the unique merger of modern and traditional, Sky Café is able to create an enjoyable experience for all of its guests. Prices are on the higher side as you’d expect from a place like this but your money will be well spent.


All You Need in One Place

It’s not just about what Sky Café has to offer on its own. Inside of Skycity, you’ll find everything you could possibly need, all within your reach. If you want an even better view of Auckland, you can take the elevator and go all the way to the top to the iconic Sky Tower. If you need to spend the night, there are several hotels within the walking distance from the café.

Of course, if you’re looking for some adult entertainment, Skycity Casino is open seven days a week and will welcome you with an excellent selection of video slots and table games including a bustling poker room. They’ve recently launched an online casino as well so you can keep playing from the comfort of your room as well. If this is the kind of entertainment you’re looking for, bookmark this page for continuously updated info about Skycity Online Casino.

Sky Café is one of the more iconic places you can visit in Auckland and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to do it. Take the time to enjoy the view and charge your batteries here before you move on to you next New Zealand adventure – whatever that might be.